4 Ways To Prepare Your Cat For A Veterinary Ultrasound


If you have a sick or injured pet, you know how stressful it can be to hear a difficult diagnosis. Still, the only way to ensure that your cat receives the medical care it requires is to take it to the veterinarian's office for everything from a check-up to an ultrasound. Fortunately, an ultrasound is fairly harmless and painless for your furry friend. These tips will help ensure that you prepare your cat for this procedure, which can be a bit scary but is ultimately helpful in finding a diagnosis.

29 December 2016

Want To Save Money For Your Medical Practice? 3 Things You Should Know About Refurbished Equipment


If you're responsible for the buying and selling of medical equipment for your practice, you want to save money wherever possible. After all, saving money in one area clears up much-needed cash for other areas of the practice. That's where refurbished medical equipment comes in. If you're concerned that purchasing refurbished equipment is the same as purchasing used equipment, don't be—they're not the same thing. When you purchase used equipment, you're purchasing something "

5 October 2016

MRI Problems That Require Repairs: What You Should Know


When you work in a doctor's office or hospital, you may take for granted that the MRI machines will be working when you need them. However, every piece of machinery, even ones as sophisticated as an MRI can have problems sometimes. What you need to know is some of the most common MRI problems that require repairs so that you know when you should call for a repair technician to come and take a look at it.

18 June 2016

3 Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Children With Autism


If you have a child who has recently been diagnosed with autism, you may want to look into what physical therapy options are available to your child. Here are three benefits of physical therapy that your child may experience by working with a physical therapist. #1 Your Child Will Learn Age-Appropriate Motor Skills If your child struggles with mastering age-appropriate motor skills, a physical therapist can work with your child learn these skills.

26 January 2016

Why You Need A Testing Lab To Get Your Next Medical Device To Market


If you're a manufacturer that's beginning the process of bringing a medical device to market, you'll definitely need to work with a microbiology lab to verify the integrity of your product and do early-stage testing. Early tests on biocompatibility, sensitization, irritation, sterility, and toxicity, as well as package integrity tests can and should be performed by a high performance lab equipped to handle a wide range of early-stage processing. Successful manufacturing of a medical device requires abiding by strict quality control standards, so that your device can be true to it's function with less chance of being compromised.

3 November 2015

Three New Device Trends For The Hearing Impaired


If you are deaf or hearing impaired, dealing with the hearing world may be a constant challenge. Today, however, there are great strides being made in devices for hearing impairments, so people with hearing disabilities can minimize disruption to daily life and sometimes even forget they have a disability. Here are three areas where these devices are making a big impact. Mobile Technology Cellular phone carriers are now working with the hearing impaired to make their phones compatible with hearing aids, which was a major problem for many years.

22 October 2015

Preparing To Become A Caregiver For A Physically Disabled Relative


Having a loved one become disabled can be devastating for the whole family. If you are going to be taking on the role of caregiver, there are some things you'll need to do so you can be prepared for this new role. Use this short checklist to begin to prepare your home and yourself for the important job of caregiver. Adapt Your Home To Be Accessible Depending on the physical disability, you'll need to invest in handicapped equipment and supplies to make your home accessible for your loved one.

13 October 2015

When Should You Invest In A Lift Chair?


In recent months and years, you may have noticed that getting out of your recliner has become more difficult. You might suffer from arthritis or some other medical condition that makes pushing up and out of a sitting position hard to accomplish without serious strain. You may also have difficulty safely lowering yourself into a chair. If you are having this type of problem, you should explore purchasing a lift chair to make your daily activities easier.

10 October 2015

Children And Electric Wheelchair Etiquette 101


Electric wheelchairs provide freedom and freedom of movement for everyone that owns and uses one. When people are out in public in their wheelchairs, you might have an overly inquisitive child that wants to know more. Here is how you can answer your child's questions without being rude or encouraging your child's less-than-tactful behavior. Answer the Questions to Which You Already Know the Answers Usually, the first question a child has when he or she sees someone tooling around in an electric wheelchair is, "

2 October 2015