When Should You Invest In A Lift Chair?


In recent months and years, you may have noticed that getting out of your recliner has become more difficult. You might suffer from arthritis or some other medical condition that makes pushing up and out of a sitting position hard to accomplish without serious strain. You may also have difficulty safely lowering yourself into a chair. If you are having this type of problem, you should explore purchasing a lift chair to make your daily activities easier.

10 October 2015

Children And Electric Wheelchair Etiquette 101


Electric wheelchairs provide freedom and freedom of movement for everyone that owns and uses one. When people are out in public in their wheelchairs, you might have an overly inquisitive child that wants to know more. Here is how you can answer your child's questions without being rude or encouraging your child's less-than-tactful behavior. Answer the Questions to Which You Already Know the Answers Usually, the first question a child has when he or she sees someone tooling around in an electric wheelchair is, "

2 October 2015