4 Ways To Prepare Your Cat For A Veterinary Ultrasound


If you have a sick or injured pet, you know how stressful it can be to hear a difficult diagnosis. Still, the only way to ensure that your cat receives the medical care it requires is to take it to the veterinarian's office for everything from a check-up to an ultrasound. Fortunately, an ultrasound is fairly harmless and painless for your furry friend. These tips will help ensure that you prepare your cat for this procedure, which can be a bit scary but is ultimately helpful in finding a diagnosis.

First Things First: What Is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a process of scanning the inside of the pet's body using sound waves. These sound waves help to produce images that accurately depict the layout of the structures within your pet's body. If you have ever seen an ultrasound of a fetus, this is generally the same idea. The veterinarian will examine your pet's body to look for organs that are soft or filled with fluid, allowing for inspections into the liver, kidney, heart, and bladder.

1. Don't Feed the Animals

When your cat has a full stomach before an ultrasound, it can be difficult for the veterinarian to spot certain organs, including adrenals and the liver. Avoid feeding your cat late in the evening, though dinnertime should be fine. Take away dry food at night if you typically leave it out for your pets. Water is still allowed, though.

2. Prevent Elimination

Believe it or not, a bladder with some urine in it can actually make the ultrasound easier. Try to keep your pet full of fluids for the final hours surrounding the ultrasound.

3. Assess the Anxiety Level of Your Cat

In most cases, pets do not need sedation for the procedure, but if your cat is especially anxious, it may be a good idea. Animals in severe pain may benefit from sedation as well.

4. Talk to Your Vet about Medications

Not sure if you should give your pet their medications in the morning before the procedure? It is smart to ask first. While ultrasounds are not typically affected by medication usage, it is always good to check.

Your cat may not enjoy the procedure itself, but it is relatively simple and stress-free. It inflicts no harm on your pet, and you can be rest assured knowing that he or she is getting the best medical diagnosis available. Click here to find out more.


29 December 2016

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