Want To Save Money For Your Medical Practice? 3 Things You Should Know About Refurbished Equipment


If you're responsible for the buying and selling of medical equipment for your practice, you want to save money wherever possible. After all, saving money in one area clears up much-needed cash for other areas of the practice. That's where refurbished medical equipment comes in. If you're concerned that purchasing refurbished equipment is the same as purchasing used equipment, don't be—they're not the same thing.

When you purchase used equipment, you're purchasing something "as is," which means that there could be a variety of things wrong with it. However, when you purchase refurbished equipment, it's been inspected, and any defects have been repaired. Here are three different types of refurbishment that you should be aware of when purchasing your equipment.

Visual Refurbishment

When you purchase a piece of equipment that has been visually refurbished, all cosmetic defects have been repaired. That means that the equipment itself has been inspected and is in good working order. However, there was a defect in its appearance that made it less-than-appealing to prospective buyers. The seller will repair the defect and restore its appearance before placing it on the market for sale.

Parts Refurbishment

When a piece of medical equipment is listed as having parts refurbishment, that means that there were parts that weren't working properly. Those faulty parts will have been replaced, restoring the operation of the equipment. When you purchase a piece of equipment that has gone through parts refurbishment, you know that it's been fully inspected and any faulty parts have been replaced.

Full Refurbishment

When medical equipment receives a full refurbishment, it's been rebuilt inside and out. During full refurbishment, the equipment is inspected and restored to its original factory condition. This means that all visual and operational defects will have been repaired or replaced. In fact, if there are updates or enhancements available for that particular model, those will have been included in the refurbishment. That means you'll be purchasing a piece of enhanced equipment for less than the cost of a new model.

If you're looking for ways to cut the operating expenses for your medical practice, purchasing refurbished equipment is a good place to start. Not only will you be saving money, but in the case of fully refurbished equipment, you'll be getting an upgrade for less-than-new prices. Before you place your next order for equipment, be sure to ask your medical equipment supplier for information regarding any refurbished equipment they may have available, including refurbished sterilizers or refurbished operating room equipment.


5 October 2016

A Comfortable Elbow Brace

My husband of ten years is a hardworking man. For the past twenty-five years, he’s been employed by the same transportation company. During this time, he’s climbed the corporate ladder at this place of business. Because his early years required him to complete wiring projects, his right elbow now bothers him occasionally. He has even visited an orthopedic specialist about this issue. To alleviate his discomfort, he purchased a soft, comfortable elbow brace. Whenever he needs to complete chores that put stress on his damaged elbow, he wears his elbow brace. On this blog, you will discover how to shop for a pain relieving elbow brace. Enjoy!