MRI Problems That Require Repairs: What You Should Know


When you work in a doctor's office or hospital, you may take for granted that the MRI machines will be working when you need them. However, every piece of machinery, even ones as sophisticated as an MRI can have problems sometimes. What you need to know is some of the most common MRI problems that require repairs so that you know when you should call for a repair technician to come and take a look at it.

Helium Issues

Helium is used in your MRI machine to keep the coils cool and ensure that the system does not overheat. As such, one of the most common repair issues is simply that the helium has run out or gotten too low. Most machines will give you an alert when the helium is low or missing. However, there is also a chance that there is a system glitch and the sensor or alert system is also not working.

If you notice that the MRI machine feels hot or warm or the room it is housed in is much warmer than the surrounding area, cease using the machine right away and contact an MRI repair specialist to come and take a look. With any luck, they will be able to re-fill the helium and fix any sensors that are out (if applicable) to get your machine back up and running. You may need further repairs if the machine has been used frequently when it was lacking helium.

RF Amplifier Problems

Your MRI may also have other problems, such as fuzzy or unreadable images. When this happens, the culprit may be a damaged or failing RF amplifier. The RF (radio frequency) amplifier is what helps to amplify or strengthen radio frequencies. In the case of an MRI, it is designed to make the scan stronger and more effective.

In other words, the amplifier increases the radio frequency signal to power the RF coils and is an integral part of the scanner transmitter chain for the MRI scanner to do its job. When your RF amplifier is not working, your RF coils may not function properly and the radio frequency signals may not be strong enough to get images of the part of the body that you are trying to scan.

Luckily, an MRI repair expert can perform on RF amplifier repair or replacement relatively easily. It is also important to monitor and check the amplifier output levels regularly so that an abnormality in the signal can be detected early and the repairs can be made before patients are misdiagnosed from faulty scans.

Now that you know a few of the MRI problems that require repairs and how they can affect your MRI machine, you can be sure that you are taking the best possible care of your MRI machine and your patients going forward. Contact a company like Medical Systems Technologies, LLC for more information.  


18 June 2016

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