3 Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Children With Autism


If you have a child who has recently been diagnosed with autism, you may want to look into what physical therapy options are available to your child. Here are three benefits of physical therapy that your child may experience by working with a physical therapist.

#1 Your Child Will Learn Age-Appropriate Motor Skills

If your child struggles with mastering age-appropriate motor skills, a physical therapist can work with your child learn these skills. This type of intervention can start as young as when your child is an infant. If your child does not crawl or start to walk in an age-appropriate timeframe, a physical therapist can work with your child to teach them these skills.

As your child grows up, their physical therapist can work with them on skills such as catching and throwing a ball, hopping, balance, and riding a bike. These physical therapy sessions may feel more like play-time for your child, but they will be structured in such a way as to best support your child's development.

#2 Your Child Will Learn To Work With Any Misalignments They Have

Some children with autism also suffer from misalignments in their musculoskeletal system. These misalignments may manifest in your child as foot and ankle misalignments or chest wall deformities. 

If your child has any of these physical issues, your child's physical therapist will work towards helping your child strengthen the muscles around these misalignments. Your child's therapist will work with your child so that they can learn how to use their body to do tasks for themselves so that they are not held back by these physical limitations. Your child will learn alternative ways to do things that work with their body.

#3 Your Child Will Have A Fitness Program Created Just For Them

As your child gets older, your child's physical therapist may shift from teaching your child age-appropriate motor skills towards creating a fitness program that helps your child stay fit while addressing any physical challenges that your child may have.

Staying fit is important for all children, and your child's physical therapist will make sure that your child is capable of participating in fitness programs that they are interested in, such as soccer or yoga. Generally the physical therapist will work together with your child to help them address their unique needs in participating in the activities that they are interested in.

If your child was recently diagnosed with autism, look into how a physical therapist can help your child now and in the future. A relationship with a physical therapist can help your child learn age-appropriate skills and ensure that your child is able to stay active as they age.     


26 January 2016

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