Three New Device Trends For The Hearing Impaired


If you are deaf or hearing impaired, dealing with the hearing world may be a constant challenge. Today, however, there are great strides being made in devices for hearing impairments, so people with hearing disabilities can minimize disruption to daily life and sometimes even forget they have a disability. Here are three areas where these devices are making a big impact.

Mobile Technology

Cellular phone carriers are now working with the hearing impaired to make their phones compatible with hearing aids, which was a major problem for many years. To go one step further, the manufacturer of a popular mobile phone is soon releasing their own hearing aid, so the two can be used seamlessly together.

There are also numerous useful apps for the hearing impaired now. Some of the more exciting ones include

  • hearing loss testing
  • identifying the location of captioned movies near you
  • video sign language interpretation (faster than texting and allows for facial expressions)

Getting Rid of Stigmas

Wearing a hearing aid has long had a stigma attached to it, but new hearing aid models are working to get rid of that. While you can find some new innovative hairstyle web pages with suggestions for hairdos that will cover hearing aids, some hearing aids are now being designed for high visibility. Some look like ear cuffs or earrings, and there are models for gauged ears too. You can select a mini in-the-ear model in leopard print, a behind-the-ear model for kids that looks like a super hero, or a Union Jack casing for an existing hearing aid, much like a cell phone case.

There are also dolls on the market that wear hearing aids--a great way to help kids who feel self-conscious about a hearing impairment. When you want to remove your hearing aid, you can find anything from adorable felt animals to stylish pouches to hold it.

High Tech Gadgets

You may not have to remove your hearing aid to get wet, however. The last few years have seen the introduction of waterproof hearing aids, which are a boon to adult water sports enthusiasts or kids learning to swim.

There are also rechargeable hearing aids, so dealing with those devilishly small batteries can be a thing of the past. For a real spy gadget feel, try a pair of eyeglasses that convert speech to text on the inside of the lenses or a bracelet that lets you know when the doorbell, fire alarm, or baby monitor has been activated.

Having a hearing impairment can be less of a struggle lately with some of the technology and style changes available. Ask a local hearing specialist, such as Pacific Hearing Care, about making your life better with some of these devices, and you may even find yourself starting a new fashion trend.


22 October 2015

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