When Should You Invest In A Lift Chair?


In recent months and years, you may have noticed that getting out of your recliner has become more difficult. You might suffer from arthritis or some other medical condition that makes pushing up and out of a sitting position hard to accomplish without serious strain. You may also have difficulty safely lowering yourself into a chair. If you are having this type of problem, you should explore purchasing a lift chair to make your daily activities easier. 

Who Benefits?

Lift chairs are primarily used by older consumers who may need help getting in and out of a chair but who can walk alone or are mobile with the aid of a walker or scooter. The lift chair looks like a regular recliner but has a mechanism that slowly and steadily lifts and tilts the chair until you can easily get into a standing position. People with certain disabilities can also benefit from the help of a lift chair. Before purchasing one, you should consult with your medical professional to see if she recommends one for you. Although the chairs work well for many people, they allow you to use your leg muscles less, which can cause more mobility problems. However, a physical therapist can prescribe exercises that will strengthen your muscles to compensate for the chair.


Lift chairs come with a variety of features, including numerous positions, heat, and massage, all of which can aid in pain relief.  Some lift chairs will recline fully, turning them into a bed of sorts for those who have trouble finding a comfortable position for sleeping. You can purchase larger models that can support more weight and provide a wider seating area. The chairs come with certain safety features. Most are fire resistant and will automatically return to an upright position in case of a power outage. 


Medicare will often cover part of the cost of your chair. Specifically, it covers the lifting mechanism if your physician prescribes it. You will also need a "Certificate of Medical Necessity" filled out by your doctor, which is standard procedure for anything dubbed "durable medical equipment." If your claim is approved, Medicare Part B will cover 80% of the covered equipment.

If you feel a lift chair would benefit your quality of life, consult with your physician. Most medical professionals will prescribe one if you struggle to get in and out of your chair by yourself. You may need to incorporate additional exercises into your routine to work the muscles in your legs, but that is a small price for the relief and independence a lift chair can provide.

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10 October 2015

A Comfortable Elbow Brace

My husband of ten years is a hardworking man. For the past twenty-five years, he’s been employed by the same transportation company. During this time, he’s climbed the corporate ladder at this place of business. Because his early years required him to complete wiring projects, his right elbow now bothers him occasionally. He has even visited an orthopedic specialist about this issue. To alleviate his discomfort, he purchased a soft, comfortable elbow brace. Whenever he needs to complete chores that put stress on his damaged elbow, he wears his elbow brace. On this blog, you will discover how to shop for a pain relieving elbow brace. Enjoy!